Ant Extermination Philadelphia

Ant Extermination Philadelphia

If you live in Philadelphia or any of our surrounding suburbs - you know ants are a problem. They build nests, invade your food supply, and bite your kids. They have to be exterminated. Fortunately, we offer full ant extermination and pest control services. 

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About Our Ant Extermination Services - Philadelphia Pennsylvania

We offer full ant extermination and continued pest control services. Whether you're dealing with one of the more common ant species, another species, or you just don't know, give us a call. We send a trained and certified technician to your home to perform a fast inspection. During the inspection, your pest control tech will check the premise to find where the ants are entering your home and where they're nesting. 

Ants can enter your home through any small crevice. This includes cracks underneath your doors, improperly sealed windows, behind base boards, and through cracks in wall. We'll inspect your home to discover all of their entry points and then perform a full extermination. 

The initial extermination will kill the ants within your home. From there, we put measures in place to keep them from re-entering. This may include setting traps, possibly sealing small holes and cracks, and placing an invisible barrier around your house to deter the ants from entering again. 

We'll also make recommendations on a continued treatment plan as well as tips to prevent the recurrence of ants in the future. 

Common Ants in Philadelphia

  • Carpenter ants 
  • Odorous house ants
  • Pavement ants 

Those are the three most common ants we deal with in Philadelphia. Below is a description of each...

Carpenter ants: 

These are the sugar seeking ants which bore tunnels through old, damp wood. They're good for helping dead trees decompose. But they're not great to have around your home. Since they chew away wood, any damp or weak wood you have in your home can easily be devoured by these ants. 

Odorous house ants: 

Named odorous because they emit a fowl smell when they're killed or crushed. The smell they put out resembles a rotten coconut. These ants are found where food is. Specifically, anywhere that foods been left out including in the kitchen and pantries is a target for these little guys. 

Pavement ants: 

These ants are called "pavement ants" because they like to form nests in the cracks of sidewalks, driveways and other paved surfaces. They're a dark, reddish brown color and measure about 1/8 of an inch. 

Why You Need Experts In Ant Extermination

Ants can enter through anything small enough for an ant to squeeze through. As you can imaging, the possibilities on the average home are endless. With professional pest control, we're trained in finding the ant entry points. We know where they like to enter, where they like to nest, and most importantly - how to get rid of them.

We perform a full inspection to identify the weak points. We perform the extermination to get rid of the ants in your home and we put measures in place to keep them away. We also offer tips for preventing recurrence in the future as well as designing a customized treatment plan for your home. The plan can be for just the ants or if you have several pests, we can make a plan to keep your home entirely pest free for good. 

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