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Nobody likes the sound of mice or rats scurrying around your attic or on your roof at night. Much less watching them run across your power lines knowing they're probably on their way to your house. 

Fortunately, terminators offers mice and rat removal services that are both safe and humane. With our rodent control service we also inspect your home to find out where the rodents are entering your home and patch up any small holes to ensure they don't return. Give us a call or fill out our contact form to get a free quote now!

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About Our Rodent Control & Removal Process in Philadelphia, PA

At Terminators, we're professionals at handling and removing rodents of all types. Whether its mice, rats or even possums and skunks, we've got you covered. Rodents carry diseases and cause significant damage to your home, garage, and they can even chew through wires in your car engine. 

They can inflict damage on almost anything in your home including chewing through walls and studs which is very expensive to repair or replace. Additionally, they like to hide under cabinets, air vents and dark corners of your home building nests which can not only spread deadly diseases but also be very hard to find for the untrained eye. 

If you think you have a rodent problem and need professional rodent extermination and removal, give us a call now. We'll send a trained and certified professional to perform an inspection on the property. Your rodent removal team will walk your property looking for tracks / migration paths, inspect the all the areas where mice and rats hang out, and look for points of entry. 

From there, we'll go ahead and treat your home everywhere to form a barrier that keeps them out as well as catch the ones that are already present in your home or on your property. 

Why You Need Experts In Rodent Removal

Because mice and rats are very good at hiding and they're known to carry diseases, its important that you use a trained professional. We do this all the time and know exactly where to find them, how to keep them out and how to remove the current rodent problem. We also possess the traps and rodent removal tools that you can't buy at your local hardware store. Our methods are very effective and most importantly, you and your family don't have to risk getting bit or picking up a harmful disease from the rodents. 

Our rodent extermination is very affordable so there's no reason to attempt it yourself and put your family at risk. Call us now for a free quote. 

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